2018 Technology

Get Started

Easily plug IP desk phones and PCs into your internet connection, and install the FirstCloud Mobile App on your employees’ smartphones.

These devices communicate with the FirstCloud platform for voice, fax, text, and audio conferencing. Simple and easy to operate for all your office locations.

Easy Implementation

Move your business phone system up into the Cloud in minutes.

  • A FirstCloud implementation specialist will guide you through the connection process for all of your office locations and remote workers.
  • Your FirstCloud account representative will help you determine the number of users and IP phones that your business requires.
  • Use your existing IP phones, or rent them from FirstCloud at affordable prices.
  • Connect your PCs and smartphones to the service with free FirstCloud applications.

Simplified Management

Manage all users across all office locations at the ease of your desktop computer and smart devices.

  • This integrated solution gives managers complete control over the web interface — check boxes, dropdown menus, fill-in text fields.
  • FirstCloud offers user-friendly features that eliminate the need for external contractors, and lifts the load off of your IT department.

Mobile Phone Connections

Integrate personal mobile devices (BYOD) into the corporate communications system. For most businesses today, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device to work) is here to stay.

  • The FirstCloud Mobile App fully integrates employee mobile devices into the company business phone system.
  • Connecting through their personal FirstCloud business number, employees can use the  FirstCloud Mobile App to:
    – make business calls
    – check business voicemail
    – send/receive business faxes and text messages
    – access the company directory
    – set up/join voice conferences

Company Numbers

FirstCloud provides you with a wide range of options for your company phone numbers. You can establish your business in choice areas with a local number, or transfer valuable existing numbers. Toll-free and vanity numbers are also available and make it easy for your customers to reach you. Contact us for more information.