Unified Communications

Unified communications and collaboration.

Your business needs a highly reliable phone system. That’s a given. But in a 24 x 7 world, you need other communication tools as well. Tools that cut travel costs while making it easier for employees to collaborate. Tools that reduce agent training time while improving customer service. Tools that lower your phone bill while making business processes more efficient. Your business needs a system that unifies communications in the cloud.

More than just talk.

FirstCloud Virtual Office Pro provides the same advanced phone features as Virtual Office—but then it takes your business to the next level by adding online meetings, call recording, and Internet Fax capabilities. These unified communications features help users connect with coworkers and customers around the world, boosting their productivity and your bottom line. Virtual Office Pro gives you all the benefits of FirstCloud Virtual Office plus these unified communications benefits.

Online Meetings: Enhance collaboration and lower costs.

Virtual Office Pro includes Virtual Meeting call conferencing so you can hold unlimited call conferences for geographically dispersed employees and customers. Meeting participants can instantly share content for training, demos, and sales presentations right from their desktops, reducing travel costs and accelerating decision making.

Call Recording: Improve employee focus and customer service.

Virtual Office Pro includes call recording so employees can focus on what’s being said instead of taking notes. It’s a great tool for training employees and documenting customer calls. This feature includes 1 GB of audio storage for up to 35 hours of recorded calls and meetings.

Internet Faxing: Send and receive documents from your desktop.

Internet faxing lets you send and receive faxes from any computer. Email notifications let you know right away when you receive a fax so you can respond quickly.

Unified communications will help your business operate more efficiently and save you money. Give us a call to learn more about what Virtual Office Pro unified communications can do for you.